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I now declare this community open!

I hope everyone has a good time here...all the rules are on the profile.
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Uh. Why does it say 'Calmando Qual' on the layout when it's uh... a picture of TenTen?
If you paid attention and looked closely you will see lots of different album art on the header.

I just used TenTen because he looks thoughtful..
It just seems really odd since it says Calmando Qual all big by his head.


9 years ago


9 years ago

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Same here, I am extremly OCD over my tracklists and albumart..hence the creation of the community.

Seriously, what's with the 'romanji' thing?

Also thanks for joining :)

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9 years ago

Oh that sounds interesting and useful for once~! XD

True story = I dreamt I made this community then when I woke up I thought 'wow what a great idea!' XDD
Thanks for becoming a member.
Woah, that's like... Martin Luther King, dude! You can totally say "I have a dream 8D"
Awesome idea for a comm! ^^/
I'm all excited :D :D
Thanks alot XD

I'm excited too..I hope people start posting soon.
Thanks for joining!
Very awesome comm idea!
I get so frustrated when I can't find album or art or when it's water marker >_<
Wrong track names/romaji is always a pain too D:
-or >>;;
I dreamt I made this community awhile ago and I thought it was a great idea. I knew there must be other people as crazy as me about keeping everything organised. With a community like this it will be so much easier to fill the gaps and answer the questions about things like rarer/older tracklists and their album art :)

Awesome idea! Only god know how much I love to tag things when I get those really crazy letters instead of the characters and misspellings. >.>; *shudders*
Don't worry I shall try to keep the tags in as best order as I can.

Thankyou for joining XD

ps.Your Maji icon is amazing!
Looking forward to it. ^_^b

ah, Thank you! I feel so sad knowing they will disband soon.
It is sad but at least they didn't die. Hopefully they will go on and do other great projects ^^


9 years ago

I think I love you... XDDD I won't have to spend hours looking up album arts on google anymore! XD
Amen to that! whole reason I started this comm XD
welcome :D
I love the idea and I'm a very organized person and I have that OCD-ish feeling about that everything should be perfect and correct.
A typical Virgo x) *sigh*
Virgo here too ;D

Just to think that for years I was organising everything by hand, then my friend happened to show me iTunes last year and I felt a massive weight lift off my shoulders.

Although I HATE it when no matter what you do you can get an album that is mysteriously split in half.

Thanks for joining XD
Ah, you can fix that... ctrl + click, then "Convert ID Tags..." and select "None" then retag it however you wish, and it will stay that way!

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I knew I couldn't be the only one! Please start posting some requests to fill up your gaps XD There is no limit to requesting in one post.

Thanks for joining :D