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Where the Fatima is it?!

Where the Fatima is it?!!
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Missing j-rock album art

What is J-rock Album Art?
This is the place to come to for missing J-Rock album art. You can also come here with your CD tracklisting questions. Ultimately this is for anyone who likes to keep their iTunes (or other media playing programs) in a pretty and orderly fashion. Members are also welcome to scan their own CD's and post them to share
★ Please note that this is a Members ONLY community. ★
Request and Scanning guidelines.
For all posts please put in the approprate subject line. 'Request' or 'Scan'

Requesting album art:
When requesting album art please use the following format -
Artist name: [You can include a picture as long as it's under a cut]
Album/single name: [State 1st press/2nd press if required]
Release Date:
If you are unsure of anything, include the tracklist. (If you do this try and post both the Kana and Romaji please!)
✩ Bribes are not necessary!! ✩

Posting a reply to a request (within the request post):
Make sure that any image you post in the comments does not exceed 300x300 pixels. If the image is larger than that use a thumbnail or link.

Posting a scan:
a: As an independent post please use the same format as a request. But please place the scan under a cut. Although with these posts make sure you include the tracklisting!
b: As a reply to a request as a new post. Use the same method as above but please inlude the link from the requesting post.
▪ This is a community for J-Rock Album Art ONLY.
Song requests and uploads are strictly FORBIDDEN
▪ Magazine scans and requests are Forbidden
▪ For well known bands please check the net first, don't be lazy!
▪ In each post please use a TAG the band name. This is to help create the directory.
▪ No watermarked images allowed. Credit will be given where credit is due in the directory.
▪ Help with tracklisting is allowed within context eg. 'Is [x track] on [y album]?' (and giving an example of the album art) NOT 'What is the complete discography tracklisting for [band z]?'
J-Rock artists ONLY. No J-Pop allowed. The two genres obivously intertwine sometimes so let's just say mainly guitar based music.
▪ This is a members only community so remember to keep all posts locked!
And remember, if you have any questions about the rules or posting format please don't hesitate to contact either of the Mods! We're happy to help :)
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